Our Newest Smiles

Emma’s Smile Transformation

CONGRATS, EMMA!  We loved having Emma as one of our patients! And we know how excited she was to get her braces off just in time for her 8th grade graduation! Congrats, Emma!!! Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more beautiful…check out her before and after… […]

Emma’s Smile Transformation2017-05-19T11:15:09-04:00

Our Newest Smile, Marley!

Please join us in welcoming Marley to the braces club! Despite the upcoming holiday, she wanted to go with blue! Everyone got to leave with a travel tooth brush today too! Smiles all around!  

Our Newest Smile, Marley!2016-11-28T15:53:43-04:00

Our Newest Smile, Will!

Will loves playing baseball. We all agree is a pleasure to work with as a patient. He got his braces on and was excited to be able to get blue! We here at the office think it was a great choice, as they match his awesome blue eyes!

Our Newest Smile, Will!2016-11-28T10:13:29-04:00

Annae’s Smile Transformation

WHO: Meet Annae! ABOUT: Annae loves to play field hockey. After getting her braces, she opted to get a custom mouth guard to protect those newly straightened pearly whites! TREATMENT: Annae was a great patient to treat! She followed Dr. Odhner's instructions to a T and only had her braces on for a year! Click [...]

Annae’s Smile Transformation2016-11-29T09:12:58-04:00

Our Newest Smile, Ainsley!

Ainsley was happy to get her braces on! We think she was more excited about picking the pattern for her electric travel tooth brush we include in her goody bag..

Our Newest Smile, Ainsley!2016-11-28T10:09:27-04:00

Kyler’s Smile Transformation

WHO: Meet Kyler! ABOUT: Kyler is an active soccer and lacrosse player. During Kyler's treatment with us, he won a gift card by having the highest points in our bean bag toss contest! TREATMENT: Kyler had traditional metal braces and loved being able to change his colors at every appointment.. even though he always chose his [...]

Kyler’s Smile Transformation2016-11-16T10:40:54-04:00

Our Newest Smile, Duncan!

Duncan was so excited to get his braces on, he didn't even let an allergic reaction (all over his body, not just his face) get in his way! He still came in ready to get started. We're just as excited for his smile transformation! We all hope you're feeling better, Duncan!

Our Newest Smile, Duncan!2016-11-21T15:37:52-04:00

Our newest smile, Scott!

Please join us in welcoming Scott! He has begun his journey with us and is looking forward to his new, charming smile! Funny fact: Scott opted to get our cool glow in the dark rubber bands. He wanted to surprise his wife once it got dark! I bet she loved the new addition to his [...]

Our newest smile, Scott!2016-11-16T10:50:02-04:00

Our Newest Smiles – Ava

WHO: Meet Ava! ACTIVITIES: Ava enjoyed her summer by spending some time at the shore! ABOUT: She was very excited to get her braces on before starting school. Have a great first day, Ava, we hope you feel as great as you look! :)

Our Newest Smiles – Ava2016-08-30T12:39:02-04:00

Our Newest Smiles – Carolyn

WHO: Meet Carolyn! HOBBIES: Carolyn stays active with color guard! ABOUT: She is enjoying her summer and getting ready to start 7th grade in the fall. You look super awesome and we are very excited for you :)

Our Newest Smiles – Carolyn2016-07-25T21:09:13-04:00