invisalign orthodontist - Odhner OrthodonticsWhen considering how to choose an Invisalign orthodontist, it’s important to remember that although Invisalign and braces both work to straighten and properly align your teeth — that is where the similarities end. An orthodontist who is skilled in treatment with traditional braces may not be proficient in Invisalign.

What to Look for in an Invisalign Orthodontist

Fortunately, Abington, PA area residents will be glad to know that Dr. Odhner is an expert in both braces and Invisalign. In fact, she’s also a professor at the Temple University Orthodontics Residency Program, training and educating future orthodontists.

Dr. Odhner has undergone and fully completed these certification processes and is proud to showcase her treatment results with both braces and Invisalign patients. When you come in for your free consultation, you’ll see just what kind of treatment results you could expect by following the process Dr. Odhner outlines for you.

Depending on the severity of the case, Dr. Odhner may believe, in her professional opinion, that you would be better suited for treatment with Invisalign or braces — or perhaps another treatment. Invisalign is not just an option for straighter teeth — rather it is just one of many orthodontic treatment options which will depend on many factors Dr. Odhner will go over with you in detail at your consultation.

Are you considering DIY aligners?

In addition to being a clear teeth straightening product, treating a patient with Invisalign also requires a separate skill-set than treating them with traditional braces. And if you’re considering a DIY aligner treatment, please come visit Odhner Orthodontics first. If you’re not a skilled orthodontic professional, please don’t assume you’ll get the same results you’ll find in great marketing materials by the DIY companies.

When choosing an Invisalign orthodontist, be sure that you understand both their qualification and can see the proof of their skill through the patients that they’ve helped. There’s no better testimonial than a bright, happy smile!

Request a Complimentary – No Obligation Consultation where we will provide a panoramic xray, evaluation, smile assessment and explain a treatment plan. It’s no cost to you so it’s well worth the visit with Dr. Odhner.

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