ADA, NHL Team Dentist Promote Mouthguards

The ADA News (4/1, Manchir) reported that Dr. Thomas Long, one of the team dentists for the Carolina Hurricanes, “believes widespread mouthguard use by the professionals is one of the reasons he has seen fewer dental injuries among athletes in recent years when compared to decades ago.” Dr. Long stated, “I think the athletes are more aware of the importance of taking care of their mouths,” and said other dentists can help young patients understand the importance of wearing provides additional information for athletes on caring for their teeth.

PRNewswire (4/1) hosted a release from the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons stating that April is National Facial Protection Month. According to the release, the ADA is among five associations urging “parents, caregivers, athletes and coaches to be proactive about staying safe by using a mouth guard.”

~Article summary courtesy of ADA Morning Huddle Newsletter: April 4th, 2015

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