Project Description

An overwhelming majority of the youth in our area participate in sports – from lacrosse and football to soccer, basketball, and every other contact sport in between. We believe that every child deserves to Smile Happy and we want to help you preserve your child’s smile.

Since Odhner Orthodontics first launched our Mouthguard Program, we have given away hundreds of free high-quality mouth guards to student-athletes in the greater Philadelphia area.

Mouthguard Program Options

  1. Club or Organization Director can schedule a Mouthguard Party at Odhner Orthodontics. We’ll sponsor your event and have lots of fun with pizza, drinks, and a free custom mouthguard molding session per child. Typically best done in the evenings or Saturdays. We’ll even prepare an email for you to share with your club. This is best for 20+ children.
  2. Coaches and/ or Parents – We invite you and your team members to call our office to schedule a team appointment or individual appointments to come in for your custom-fit mouthguard molding session.

Importance of a Mouthguard

Custom mouthguards have been proven to greatly reduce the occurrence of sports-related head and mouth trauma, including helping to prevent your child from potentially significant concussion related injuries.

Odhner Orthodontics hopes that with our Mouthguard Program, the children on your team will never lose a tooth or suffer a significant mouth or head injury because they are wearing a superior quality mouth guard.

Contact us today to schedule a fun and free Mouthguard Party with Dr. O and her staff!