DIY teeth alignersIn an era where we’d prefer to do things on our own, it’s very easy to find the allure in DIY teeth aligners. We’ve all seen the commercials and it seems easy enough, but are they really worth it?

Coming from an orthodontist, it may seem like we’re complaining about a disruption in our industry. Why bother visiting an orthodontist when I can just order these simple little trays? But there’s a lot that we shouldn’t do just because we have access to it.

Instant gratification has been at the core of this new trend. There are plenty of great ads that promise amazing results. You can’t even open up your Instagram feed without seeing a promotion. And while we’re sure there are great case studies, there are equally as concerning cases with DIY teeth aligners.

Read this recent New York Post article about DIY Teeth Aligners.

A few quotes from this article include:

“Dr. Brent Larson, director of the orthodontics division at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, says that he, too, is increasingly called upon to correct unintended consequences of DIY teeth aligners. “One of the common complaints is, ‘Well, my teeth might be a little bit straighter, but I can’t bite well anymore.’”

“Larson, who also serves as president of the American Association of Orthodontists, says successful teeth straightening requires face time from start to finish. “There are many things I cannot assess remotely,” he says. “I need to know the health of the supporting gum tissue and bones. I need to know whether there’s any pathology or other things that might impact the treatment. I need to know how the jaw moves and functions, so that I can make people have a healthy, functional bite when we’re done, so that they can actually chew food successfully.”

We agree with Dr. Larson. As a family orthodontics specialist, we’re specially trained to treat the entire mouth not just the aesthetics of a “perfect smile.” We need to be sure you’re able to breathe and chew properly, and ensure gum and dental health while we’re helping correct and straighten your teeth.

If you are considering DIY teeth aligners, we invite you to schedule a free consultation. We can talk with you about your options and share any orthodontic concerns we may have to prepare for your treatment.

And if finances are a concern, do not let that stop you!. We work with hundreds of patients who are on affordable payment plans. So don’t believe the DIY teeth aligners hype and meet with Odhner Orthodontics for your free consultation soon.